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Last updated: April 17th, 2019


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Connect A Bank

Step 1

To get started using certaincents, you'll need to connect a bank account. Follow the instructions below to get started

  1. Navigate to the Banks page.
  2. Click the "Add New Bank" button.
  3. Select your bank from the common list or search for your bank name.
  4. Enter your bank credentials (we will never store your username or passwords)


We use a secure connection to pass your credentials directly through to banks. We will never store your username or passwords. After the bank has confirmed your information, they will issue a token to certaincents to allow us connect to your accounts.

Once a connection has been created with the bank, certaincents will download account balances and history. The last 30 days transaction history will be downloaded within 5 minutes. Followed by a complete financial transaction history within the next 30 minutes.

Next, your A.I. Assistant will analyze your transaction history to find bills, payments, and other expenses in order to create a budget for you.


Financial Assistant

After you have added your bank account and certaincents begins to download your financial transaction history, your A.I. Financial Assistant will begint to analyze and create customize budgets. You'll receive a notification after the assistant has completed your budgets, to approve or deny the budget line items, simply click the notiifcation and then click to approve or the to deny.

Custom Budgets

For custom budgets, click the icon in the menu bar above and fill out the form with the information for that budget item.


Budget Tracking

As certaincents receives updates of new transactions, you will have the opportunity to allocate each one to a budget item.

To allocate a transaction go to the Budget Page and follow the instructions below:

Unallocated Transactions

It is worth noting here that the Unallocated Transactions box can scroll independently of the rest of the page which will allow you to view any transaction along side any budget item on the page.

  1. Find the transaction you want to allocate in the "Unallocated Transactions" box on the right hand of the screen.
  2. Next, find the budget item to which you want to allocate the transaction.
  3. Drag the transaction to the budget item you wish to allocate it towards.
  4. If the allocation was successful, the budget item will flash yellow and theprogress bar as the remaining budget will update.

Monitor Budget


As transactions are allocated, certaincents makes it easy to monitor the progress of each budget along with the details. The budget page quickly reveals the original budget, total amount spent, as well as remaining budget.

A progress bar is also included which displays the actual amount of income/expense of the total budget income/expense as a percentage.



For decades corporations have had access to one of the most powerful financial tools in existance, cashflow forecasting. Using the budget (from the A.I. financial assistant and your own customized input) a cashflow analysis can be created. Next a forecast can be created by combining the current account balance with the cashflow analysis.

Certaincents has automated the processes and made it accessible to everyone. Simply head over to Cashflow to see what the planned balances will be up to a year in advance!

Pro Tip

This an amazing tool to use for that next vacation, item on your wishlist or big event in your life.